Monday, April 24, 2017

Ghost in the Shell (2017)

I had no intention to watch Ghost in the Shell in theater. I just felt I could watch something and it was most interesting movie available. I am glad I did see it. It is not great movie but not as bad as I expected it to be. It has same problems many remakes have but it had many things I liked.

Ghost in the Shell has burden of whitewashing. I would have liked to see asian actress as Major but Scarlett Johansson does ok job in the role. Takeshi Kitano was only asian actor in major role. He seems to be Hollywood's go to guy for these roles. I would like to see someone else sometimes. Not that I don't like him. I just like to see other asian actors in these movies.

Ghost in the Shell is science fiction action movie. Action was part I liked the least. Some action scenes felt bit forced and "boss fight" at the end wasn't necessary. I would have prefered Blade Runner style where action scenes happened for good reason. Movie tried to be Blade Runner like. There were slow moments but there was too much of everything.

I would have liked more explanations. Movie concentrated on Major without telling about world it happened. World felt interesting but without knowing the source material I didn't always understood what side characters motivations were or where the characters were. This and action scenes were only things I didn't like. Otherwise I liked the movie. I am not familiar with the source material. I can't tell how the story was ruined.

Story was interesting. Movie looks good even though some scenes had too many visual elements and looks didn't stay consistent throughout the movie. Movie could have taken more time with different characters. With few changes this could have been great movie. Now it is good movie which takes many steps to right direction. I plan to get back to this movie after I have bought it and watched it few times more.

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