Monday, May 29, 2017

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004)

Ghost in the Shell 2 is sequel to Ghost in the Shell (1995). I review this last because it was only one I had to get physical copy. Others I could get digitally. I might have Ghost in the Shell fatigue but I liked this least of animated Ghost in the Shells. I have to watch live action again to form opinion how this compares to it.

Major is still missing after what happened in first movie. Batou and Togusa investigate case of homicidal pleasure bots. Other Section 9 members get only brief cameos. This movie had completely opposite problem than Solid State Society. There is almost no content. Story would have made good Stand Alone Complex episode. As one and half hour movie it was full of filler. There is no memorable antagonist. There doesn't seem to be one at all. It is just faceless corporation.

Ghost in the Shell 2 mix drawn 2D animation with computer generated 3D animation. At times it looks amazing while other times it looks terrible. Most of the time it is in between. Movie has long establishing shots which serve nothing but showing animators' skills. I like slow movies but this one takes it too far to make movie longer. Interesting story is replaced by pseudo philosophical dialog.

Ghost in the Shell (1995) is one you should watch if you want to know what Ghost in the Shell is all about. Then Stand Alone Complex and Solid State Society should be next. This will be last Ghost in the Shell review for a while. I checked ones which have got praising reviews. There is more animated Ghost in the Shell but those will have to wait. There is something special Ghost in the Shell related next Thursday and then I am done with Ghost in the Shell for some time.

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