Monday, May 22, 2017

Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society (2006)

Solid State Society is sequel to Stand Alone Complex. Stand Alone Complex seasons had 26 half hour episodes. Closer to 20 minutes if you take away credits and ending animations. Solid State Society feels like third season cut into four or five episodes. All stand alone world building is gone. Main story arc, which is all this is, gets less than half the time it would get in full season. This is biggest flaw of Solid State Society.

Solid State Society happens at least two years after second season. Major has left Section 9. Section 9 is investigating Solid State Society case. They don't know it is Solid State Society case. They run into Major who is in investigating same case. Movie doesn't have time to tell us what Major has been doing after she left Sector 9. There is no time to build interesting antagonists. They just appear and tell what they have done.

Over all Solid State Society feels like ideas for third season of Stand Alone Complex were crammed into under two hours movie. It is not bad. It is quite good if you don't compare it to Stand Alone Complex. Movie builds the story well until it runs out of time and has to explain everything it can with dialog.

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