Monday, June 26, 2017

Daemonium: Underground Soldier (2015)

Sometimes movie is such a complete mess you can't stop watching because you want to know where it goes. Daemonium: Underground Soldier is one of those movies. Weird things just happen. You don't know what is going on or who these characters are. You just want to see where this goes next. Even after seeing it I am not completely sure what happened.

This happens in dystopian future where demons and angels are real. Wizard is forced to open portal and summon demon. Soldier makes deal with demon and he becomes some kind of gang leader or something. He has limited time. He wants more time. His ex-wife is brainwashed to become dominatrix assassin by disfigured assassin who wants Soldier killed. Wizard is thrown back in to mix with brainwashed archangel.

All this happens very little explanations. Things just happen. Movie is series of weird scenes which may not make any sense. Some things may be explained but most are not. Director had clear vision he just didn't bother explain what is happening.

I have no idea where subtitle Underground Soldier comes. Soldier makes deal with demon but he is not soldier nor stays underground after that. If you want cheap weird bloody science fiction action fantasy Daemonium: Underground Soldier might work. Otherwise you shouldn't bother. There is no satisfactory payoff unless weirdness and violence is enough for you.

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