Monday, June 5, 2017

Hellboy (2004)

I reviewed Hellboy 2 some time ago. I didn't remember much about first one when I watched it. When I saw first one available I had to check it. After watching the movie I can understand why I didn't remember much about it. Everything making Hellboy different than other similar movies was boosted in sequel. When Hellboy was released it had its own identity but after Hellboy 2 it doesn't feel as different because Hellboy 2 took everything further.

Sequel was dark fairy tale with too much tone changes. Hellboy is more lovecraftian. It has tentacle monsters without being hentai so it must be lovecraftian. Ok, it has more lovecraftian themes than only tentacle monsters. Hellboy keeps the tone better than sequel. Humor fits better to everything else.

Hellboy tells origin story of Hellboy. Hellboy is demon from another dimension who is fighting for humans. Bad guys who brought Hellboy to our dimension are back to finish what they started. Bad guys are the problem. One of them is interesting. Other two are quite forgettable and rather boring.

It is hard to say which one was better. Both are entertaining and fun while they last. Hellboy is more even without as great moments as sequel had but lowest points are not as low as sequel's lowest points. For me Hellboy is better because it stays together better, keeps the tone and I like summoning demons from another dimension stories better than dark fairy tales. Granted Hellboy doesn't have anything getting even close to death of elemental scene of the sequel.

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