Monday, July 31, 2017

Zootropolis (2016)

True story. I had Zootropolis open in browser's tab for months waiting me to get into correct mood for the movie. I never got into mood. Then I saw movie was leaving streaming service in five days and I had to watch it even without getting into mood for it.

Zootropolis starts as a story of following your dreams even when whole world is against it. It is about first bunny police in animal town. After few twists it turns out to be overcoming prejudices. No-one is free of prejudices and someone might turn out to be what everyone expects them to be even when they want to be something else.

Zootropolis has quite deep message for kid's movie but it is one we should hear these days. I wouldn't put it among my favorite animations. Main characters aren't that memorable. Most characters are stereotypes. This could be because movie is about prejudices and characters change to show they are not like stereotypes after all.

Jokes don't always hit the mark. Story starts to works after it leaves regular following your dreams territory. There are good twists. Some of which are something you don't expect to see in kids movie. Zootropolis is worth of your time. Being different and taking chances is worth it this time.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

13th Doctor

If video is not shown you can find it here.

It is my time to talk about 13th Doctor.

I am little bit late with this one. I shot last week's video before 13th Doctor was announced. Female doctor was only matter of time. They had planned and foreshadowed it for years. If it wasn't this time I would have been next time.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Max Payne (2008)

Max Payne is one of those movie you forget how bad it is. It tries to get similar feel as Cobra but fails miserably. It looks like movie I should like but it doesn't work. First it is Max Payne who is unlikeable. His introduction was badly written. In fact all the dialog at the first half hour is badly written.

Story could have worked if it was told differently. Now we follow unlikeable guy who tries to make us care him even less. Character can be unlikeable if he or she is interesting. Max Payne has no interesting characteristics. We should root for Max and Mila Kunis' character. I couldn't care less about them.

Movie introduces many characters without ever getting back to them. If it gets back to them they are different than what they were introduced. Something has happened off screen and now this guy who didn't like Max previously is his best friend or something. Then you get scene where armed to the teeth office security guards start war in full office and no-one calls police because that is normal day in said office.

Movie looks ok and has ok soundtrack. It would probably work better is you could mute everything other than the score. Score is not great. It is better than rest of the movie. Movie is based on a game where you could slow down time. So there had to be slow motion shots which destroyed the rhythm of the scene.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

If you want to watch this movie you should stay away from the trailer or at least wait until you have forgotten what was there. Trailer was full of spoilers. I watched it after watching the movie. I don't understand why they wanted to spoil so many scenes in trailer. If the name sounds fun and interesting you want to see this movie.

Based on response I expected something boring where the name was the best thing. It was not. Story was more than lazy joke based on the name. Without knowing anything it kept me hooked for the whole movie. It treated Pride and Prejudice part as parody and Zombie part was martial artists fighting zombies and each others.

I had my reservations about Pride and Prejudice part but I was wrong. I liked it as much as everything else. I remember one review criticising movie not going far enough with the gore. Gore is cut almost completely. I didn't have problems with it. To be honest more gore would have made movie better.

Movie didn't make its money back which means we won't be getting many similar movies in the future. It is a shame. I liked the movie. It is not a masterpiece by any means. It is just fun costume drama zombie action movie. When it was in theaters I had no idea it could be this good. If you think movie named Pride and Prejudice and Zombies could be fun done correctly you should watch it. I think it was done correctly.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens (2016)

I guess I don't have to explain what Sharknado is. If you don't know what it is you can read my reviews of first movie, second movie and third movie. Third movie started to be painfully bad. Fourth movie is bad but it is not as bad mess as third movie was.

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens happens five years after third movie. There is sharknado prevention technology everywhere. It can stop sharknados but this time they don't have regular sharknados. Whole story is build around what-ever-sharknados. There are sandsharknados, firesharknados and nuclearsharknados.

Movie tries to get low budget aesthetics. Some shots have no post processing, some lack color grading. Effects look terrible. I wouldn't be surprised if this was cheaper to made than third movie. It might also be that they tried to get low budget look on high budget. Third movie was mess where they threw everything they could think. This one stays better together. In is still senseless running but it is not all over the place.

SyFy and Asylum can make these every year and get enough audience to justify next movie. They just make movie they think audience want to see. We watch these movies to see what insanity they have this time. It doesn't matter how good or bad the movie is. We will watch them anyway. Sharknado movies are like chain restaurant hamburgers - you know what you will get and know if you like it or not even before watching the movie.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Gods of Egypt (2016)

Gods of Egypt was one of big flops of 2016. It is not the worst movie. It is expensive and uninspiring. I didn't pay full price to see it and I didn't see it in theater where my full concentration has to be on screen. Maybe that is why I didn't feel it is as bad as it's reputation.

Don't get me wrong. It is not a good movie. It starts painfully bad. Then turn almost interesting until ending destroys what good it got. There is something wrong when you root for bad guy who enslaves humans and treats everyone badly. Good guys are that uninteresting. Horus is god who is set to be king. He didn't take things too seriously. Bek is thief who doesn't take things too seriously. Horus want to kill Seth who almost killed him and became king. Bek wants to save his dead girlfriend. They don't get much more character development or character traits.

It is hard to pinpoint where Gods of Egypt went wrong. Main characters have some of the blame. Story could have been better. Other than that it is quite competent movie. Boring but competent. There are too few movies using ancient mythologies to this extent. They failed to go further in gods and men living together. There is almost a subplot of gods not caring humans enough to keep their words. But only almost. Only to get our hopes up movie could have something interesting to say.

If you have seen action movies heavily based on ancient mythologies Gods of Egypt doesn't have much to offer outside big budget. Cheaper movies have more character. More expensive movies tend to take less changes and lose personality. Gods of Egypt is boring big budget effect fest. Maybe worth checking if you like movies heavily based on ancient mythologies. Otherwise you can skip this. It is not so bad it is entertaining.