Monday, July 3, 2017

Gods of Egypt (2016)

Gods of Egypt was one of big flops of 2016. It is not the worst movie. It is expensive and uninspiring. I didn't pay full price to see it and I didn't see it in theater where my full concentration has to be on screen. Maybe that is why I didn't feel it is as bad as it's reputation.

Don't get me wrong. It is not a good movie. It starts painfully bad. Then turn almost interesting until ending destroys what good it got. There is something wrong when you root for bad guy who enslaves humans and treats everyone badly. Good guys are that uninteresting. Horus is god who is set to be king. He didn't take things too seriously. Bek is thief who doesn't take things too seriously. Horus want to kill Seth who almost killed him and became king. Bek wants to save his dead girlfriend. They don't get much more character development or character traits.

It is hard to pinpoint where Gods of Egypt went wrong. Main characters have some of the blame. Story could have been better. Other than that it is quite competent movie. Boring but competent. There are too few movies using ancient mythologies to this extent. They failed to go further in gods and men living together. There is almost a subplot of gods not caring humans enough to keep their words. But only almost. Only to get our hopes up movie could have something interesting to say.

If you have seen action movies heavily based on ancient mythologies Gods of Egypt doesn't have much to offer outside big budget. Cheaper movies have more character. More expensive movies tend to take less changes and lose personality. Gods of Egypt is boring big budget effect fest. Maybe worth checking if you like movies heavily based on ancient mythologies. Otherwise you can skip this. It is not so bad it is entertaining.

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