Monday, July 31, 2017

Zootropolis (2016)

True story. I had Zootropolis open in browser's tab for months waiting me to get into correct mood for the movie. I never got into mood. Then I saw movie was leaving streaming service in five days and I had to watch it even without getting into mood for it.

Zootropolis starts as a story of following your dreams even when whole world is against it. It is about first bunny police in animal town. After few twists it turns out to be overcoming prejudices. No-one is free of prejudices and someone might turn out to be what everyone expects them to be even when they want to be something else.

Zootropolis has quite deep message for kid's movie but it is one we should hear these days. I wouldn't put it among my favorite animations. Main characters aren't that memorable. Most characters are stereotypes. This could be because movie is about prejudices and characters change to show they are not like stereotypes after all.

Jokes don't always hit the mark. Story starts to works after it leaves regular following your dreams territory. There are good twists. Some of which are something you don't expect to see in kids movie. Zootropolis is worth of your time. Being different and taking chances is worth it this time.

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