Monday, August 7, 2017

Blame! (2017)

Blame! is Netflix original anime. I would like to know if it is standalone movie or beginning of movie series. Knowing it would change how I would rate the movie. Movie feels more like beginning of the series than standalone. It introduces important concepts close to end of the movie and it doesn't end the big story arc. It just introduces big story arc. As a standalone it is quite let down.

In far future mankind has lost control of automated city. There are no humans who have gene needed for controlling the city. City has declared humans as illegals and kills them at site. Small human village lives inside the city in area where robots can't enter. Their time is running out when food is running out and getting more of it is killing more of them and they are losing their equipment doing so. Mysterious traveller finds them and gives them some hope.

As stand alone movie Blame! doesn't work but it left me wanting more. At the end it introduced new story elements I wanted to know more. This movie didn't use the elements. They were there for the next movie or follow up series.

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