Monday, August 28, 2017

Death Note (2017)

I feel like I have to justify my opinion by saying I have not seen the anime or too many similar movies. I liked concept, story, cinematography and soundtrack. Anime might have done this better. Since I have not seen it I can enjoy this for what it is. I only knew what the book was about.

Outcast student finds weird book with several rules. Anyone whose name is written to pages of the book will die. Demon Ryuk follows the book and anyone who owns it. Student decides to use it for good. There are few plot holes and characters make weird choices to get all the pieces to correct places. When everything is at correct place movie start to work better.

There are five main human characters. Student's father connects them together. Movie's problems culminate in him. Few of his key scenes are missing. He is too clearly the guy who makes the story go to certain direction when it needs to go to that direction. Worst of all he doesn't seem to have any personality. His personality seems to be what story requires him to be at that time. His character needed those missing scenes.

Movie needed more time. It has to take few short cuts to get where it needs to be. It has good twists all the way but when movie gets ready for the ending it is really good. I really liked the ending. Script has some issues but everything else works.

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