Monday, August 14, 2017

Ghost in the Shell (2017) revisited

I saw Ghost in the Shell (2017) before I saw any of the animated Ghost in the Shells. I was curious to see how it works now after I have seen animated movies and Stand Alone Complex. I expected I would be comparing it to animes. It didn't do it. I could watch it without thinking about anything else.

However movie's biggest flaw is it takes too much from animes. Many scenes and shots are from animes and it is distracting at times. Some scenes took too much from animes. They contained story elements from animes which didn't make any sense in this movie. First time I didn't see all of these. This time I saw them because I knew story elements from animes.

I still enjoyed the movie. It is not great movie. It could have been if it went bit further from animes. Some scenes show what the movie could have been. Movie is better than its reputation. It may become bigger when people find it on their own without expectations it had when it was released. When I feel like watching some Ghost in the Shell next time I am not sure if I will watch this or Ghost in the Shell (1995). 1995 movie is better in every way but I like how this looks and feels.

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