Monday, August 21, 2017

The Defenders (2017)

The Defenders continue stories of Iron Fist and Daredevil's second season. Jessica Jones brings three characters from her series and Luke Cage brings only one who weren't in other series. Iron Fist was only generally disliked Netflix's Marvel series. His character was still problem but it didn't destroy this series.

It was fun to see characters meeting each others when they were investigating same case on their own. Series starts as continuation of Iron Fist but later Daredevil's story arc gets big role. Iron Fist was as problematic here as he was in his own series. I hope he grows in future if we have to see him again. He was still his own biggest enemy and annoying. He was only character with whom I had problems.

The Defenders continue to have great villains. This time it is dying woman looking for eternal life. She wasn't typical one dimensional comic book villain. None of these series have had one yet if you don't count second villain of Luke Cage as one.

All previous series  have had 13 episodes which felt too long. This is only eight episodes. It helps keep the story tight. There is the big twist and some story elements other series used. I keep this spoiler free. I get to those next Thursday on my spoiler review.

The Defender is probably my favorite of these series. Previous series have had their problems. This is not perfect either but shorter length keep it tighter than others. Length felt right for the story. You probably need to see Iron Fist and second season of Daredevil before you can fully enjoy this one.

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