Monday, September 11, 2017

Castlevania (2017)

Castlevania has got lot of praise for being first really good adaptation of video game. I thought Mortal Kombat was the first. At least it is older and good adaptation. I think I understand why it gets the praise. However I don't think it is as amazing as people say it is. It is quite good and I see why people like it.

Castlevania is edgy in many ways. There is lot of gore and language. This certainly is not for kids. I guess part of the praise comes from the edginess. I could have done with less of it. That one discussion in bar went bit too far. Edginess wasn't only things which saved the series. This is really dark series. There are no boy scouts. Everybody is more or less bad guy or just trying to survive. It even makes Dracula relatable.

Castlemania is only four episodes long and under two hours total. It is only first act. It introduces main characters and settings. It ends when main characters get ready to fight against Dracula. Next season probably has another boss they have to fight before they get to Dracula. Castlevania is frustratingly short. It ends when it gets you hooked. It is all set up without payback. With all the positive feedback this will certainly get next season where we should get some payback.

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