Monday, October 16, 2017

Arrival (2016)

Arrival went under my radar when it was in theaters. I knew it based on poster controversy but I thought it was one of those alien invasion movies. Afterwards I learned it is closer to original The Day the Earth Stood Still than Independence Day. It was too late to see it in theater then.

Arrival is one of the better science fiction movies. I can see its merits. I appreciate all the technical aspects and will probably see the movie again to learn something about cinematography and storytelling. But it just didn't touch me like Solaris (2002). Without going into spoilers movies are quite similar in more ways than one. I think main difference why I like Solaris more is it concentrated more on human story. Arrival is more sterile hard science fiction.

It is hard to talk what makes Arrival good without going into spoilers. Most of it was how the story was told from the technical point of view and how it was written. Story builds up slow and then there is kind of twist which is build by the way story was told. Story itself is not that spectacular. It is the way it is told which make the movie good.

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