Monday, October 9, 2017

Blade Runner - The Final Cut (2008)

Blade Runner is my favorite movie. Couple movies get close but it is the favorite. It was on the place with Director's Cut. I don't remember much about the theatrical cut. I have seen it couple times long time ago. The Final Cut is the version I watch when I want to watch the movie. I have all versions on dvd somewhere. I might do comparison in the future. This time I want to tell why Blade Runner is my favorite movie.

Blade Runner is one of those movies where you find something new each time you watch it. This time I realized how similar looking eyes Roy Batty and Gaff had. Does this mean Gaff was replicant too? There have been lot of discussion if Deckard was replicant. Even makers of the movie have different opinions. It would make ending more interesting if Gaff was replicant.

Harrison Ford was sort of action hero when Blade Runner was made. He had done first two Star Wars  movies and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Here he is more of a anti action hero. He is blade runner who doesn't want to be blade runner. Everyone thinks he is best there is but he is really lucky surviving each replicant. Each had chance to kill him but he landed close to his gun or someone interrupted replicant. Maybe he knew he wasn't as good as everyone thought he was and he wanted to get out while he was still alive.

I can't say anything that hasn't been said about soundtrack. There are reasons why internet is full of videos people making Blade Runner sounds on different synths. Most scenes have been analyzed on what makes them so good. Movie is not perfect. There was no point for Holden to test Kowalski. They already had images of replicants. Test was there to introduce test so we knew it when Rachel was tested. After the first scene it is hard to find any flaws from Blade Runner.

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