Monday, November 6, 2017

Star Trek Beyond (2016)

I didn't want to pay anything for another movie in series JJ Abrams started. Both of his movies disrespected Star Trek and only used names and story elements without understanding why we liked them in first place. I heard this was best of reboot movies. I am not so sure about that. If you forget movies were Star Trek movies and can look past the disrespect the movies were ok as brainless scifi action.

Star Trek Beyond doesn't have JJ Abrams on board. It tries to bring spirit of old Star Trek back without dropping action scifi reboot brought. There are scenes which remind old Star Trek without taking anything from old Star Trek which is more than first two movies could do. But this only makes it like worst old Star Trek movies with updated special effects.

This is fifth Star Trek movie in a row with some sort of revenge story. I think Into Darkness also had one even when it had something else too. I won't watch it again to be sure. Old Star Trek was good because it had interesting and different stories. Often there weren't any villains. Movies have regressed being revenge stories with clear villains.

When I said I am not sure if this is best of reboot series I mean if you forget disrespect of first two movies they are better than this. This don't respect old Star Trek but trying to be between old and new makes movie quite boring. It doesn't have interesting concepts of old Star Trek and it is not as brainless scifi action as first two movies. If you count disrespect this is best by not having it.

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