Thursday, November 2, 2017

Stranger Things season 2 (2017)

If video is not shown you can find it here.

I didn't like first season as much as most people. It was good but it had issues. Main issue being characters' actions didn't have consequences until something had. Then you wondered why this had consequences and all the other didn't.

I saw second seasons unspoiled. I didn't watch trailers. I didn't read anything which could have spoilers. Even minor spoilers. I say this because until first break at the middle of third episode I had learned almost nothing new.

First few minutes have reveal which was easy to guess if you saw first season. We had few new characters. We learn what happened to Eleven which was what you expected at the ending of first season. Will has same vision he had at the end of first season. And there is something mysterious going on. And the new pet.

When I started second session everything started to work. It was what was good in first season without what was bad in first season. Almost like remake of first season. Plus this was Aliens if first season was Alien.

They learned their lessons from first season. Including not revealing too much at then end of the season. It hurt first episodes of this season. I am not sure is having complete story arc with conclusion each season is good idea. Each season has to establish the story with slower start when previous season ended with bang.

It is problem with most series but with this is was most noticeable. It was only thing I can really complain. New characters were as good as old ones. Story didn't have too many side steps. There was one planted in first season.

You can discuss if the story was too close to first season. I am not sure but for third season they need something different. This worked because it changed enough and did same things better.

I wonder what the third season will be. It surely has to have something new. Much more than including metal fan or any other new music style fan. This season had some build up for third season but nothing which told what it can be.

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