Monday, December 25, 2017

Bright (2017)

Few months ago I saw trailer which reminded more than little Shadowrun. Shadowrun is role playing game series in science fiction/cyberpunk world with magic and fantasy races like elfs and orcs. Similarity to Shadowrun peaked my interest. Trailer didn't look that bad.

Bright is not related to Shadowrun. It just uses fantasy races and magic in different genre as Shadowrun does. This is about dirty cops and two police officers having really bad night. And magic and fantasy races of course. I am not sure if I liked it because it is similar to Shadowrun or was bit disappointed because it wasn't as good as Shadowrun. This is last time I mention Shadowrun in this review.

Bright has little tone problem. It has moments of grittiness but it isn't gritty enough. In first act movie shows police violence and racism. It hits you in the head with them. After first twist these are dropped completely. Movie becomes two police officers and elf trying to survive the night. There were reasons to tone down racism angle but not forgetting it almost completely. It wasn't only thing totally forgotten.

Movie expects sequel. It introduces groups and people only to forget them and it forgets to introduce some concepts. Somethings just happen without us being given any head up or reason why they happened. I enjoyed the movie for the most parts. There were even great moment. Bright looked like great movie at one put but then something happened. I can't say what in spoiler free review but you can probably guess at which point I thought this was great movie only to be disappointed moments later.

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