Monday, January 29, 2018

Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman is only good movie in DCEU. It is most positive in series and it happens during first world war. I didn't see it in theaters. I had lost all hope with DCEU. This one movie didn't give me hope for DCEU but I might see sequel in theater. Even if I hadn't lost hope I might have skipped seeing this in theater. I didn't like idea of superhero movie located to world war. World war parts were the other part I didn't like. Other was main villain.

World war part was done better than I expected. It wasn't made too much like adventure which made Wonder Woman's action scenes feel little bit out of the place. Other thing out of place was main villain or should I say all main villains. They were too comic book villains in movie which tried to be serious when they came to man's world and war.

I liked everything else. It had humor. Tone changes worked outside Wonder Woman's fight scenes during world war. It did many things I didn't expect to see in superhero movie. It took changes which worked. I would have preferred the movie to be located some other period than world war. It has couple similarities to first Captain America but nothing too distracting.

Wonder Woman shows what DCEU movies could be. Without world war this could have been really enjoyable movie but in DCEU everything has to be super dark and gritty. Maybe next one is really good. I mean next Wonder Woman movie. I have no expectations for other DCEU movies.

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