Monday, February 19, 2018

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams (2017)

There was a time when I had all English language movies based Philip K. Dick's texts. There was one with other language which I didn't have. I collected them because even if the movie wasn't that good there was at least interesting story elements in it. Best known of those are Blade Runner and Total Recall. Later more movie adaptions have come with various levels of quality.

Tv series based on Philip K. Dick's text was must see for me and I wasn't disappointed. Like in earlier movie adaptions each episode had at least something interesting in them. There were ten episodes out of which six were really good. Other four not so much. Amazon Prime had them in order where series started and ended strongly. Those not so good one were in middle. Other places have shown episodes in different order.

Order doesn't matter since episodes doesn't have anything to do with each others. Each have different story happening in different worlds with different characters. I would like to see more from worlds of Autofac and The Hood Maker. These episodes had ending which left me wanting to know what happens next and after that.

Unevenness is bit of a problem. Those not so good episodes had something interesting in them but writing didn't support the story and twist was revealed too early. But good ones were really good. You have to solder through only four episodes to get six really good episodes. You might enjoy those episodes I didn't like that much and after two not so good episodes there were always really good episode.

I didn't say anything about the stories because you should see them unspoiled.

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