Monday, March 26, 2018

Boogie (2015)

I am not sure is Boogie tries to have some kind of message or is it just ultra macho fantasy. Main character is hitman who doesn't care about anything but money. He is rude and violent. He kills people all the time. Did I mention this was really bloody and violent animation? It makes it easier to disconnect what is happening.

I assume this is based on one of those ultra violent comics. Movie wasn't originally in English. I watched English dubbed version without subtitles which made me miss few texts. But I don't think those made movie different. This is story of best hitman there is when his customer want to use cheaper competitor and he doesn't like that. This is a movie where main character and antagonist kill about 80% of anything living. Our hero kills more than antagonist. This is that kind of movie.

If there is a message it is you shouldn't be around this kind of people. Almost everyone who talks to Boogie or even is near him suffers from it. I think that is too clever for this movie. It was made for ultra macho fantasy with hero who likes violence and does what ever he feels like at the moment. Everyone else is just there for him to abuse.

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