Monday, March 19, 2018

Death Note (2006-2007)

I was going to tell Death Note (2006-2007) is one of best tv series ever made. But I didn't write this when I was watching the series or right after watching it. I have same problem with J.J. Abrams' work. When I watch his tv series or movies I enjoy them but afterwards I forget why I enjoyed them or what happened in them and don't even want to see them again. Death Note is the same. You want to see what happens next because how the story is told but the story is not that interesting in the end. This has more to tell than Abram's work though.

Death Note tells about notebooks which kill anyone whose name is written in them. One student, Light, founds one and start to kill criminals with it. Soon he gets task force trying to catch him after him. Series becomes mind games between Light and L, the leader of the task force. These mind games are driving force of the story. However they lose impact by the end when characters have to be really stupid to not see what is going on.

Series is bit too long for its own good. Settings change enough in every few episodes to keep the story interesting but you can do it only so many times before it starts to lose impact. Biggest problem was the ending when mind games went too far to be believable. Series has few amazing moments. My favorite was when Light tried find real name of a woman who had information which could get him caught. It happened early on which might be reason it was so impactful.

This was better than Netflix's Death Note but if I feel like watching Death Note I will probably watch Netflix's one because it is shorter. Some people hated it not being like this but I see it as good thing.

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