Monday, April 30, 2018

The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

The Lego Batman Movie (2017) is not to be confused with LEGO Batman: The Movie (2013). How you could be confused? There are same four words in different order. Okay, only the word "the" has changed the place. Will we get Lego the Batman Movie in future?

I don't usually watch and review kids' movies. Only when they could have something to offer for adults. I heard this is best version of Batman or at least best Batman movie lately. Or was it most faithful to comic books? Or one which knew most about Batman? Maybe the last one because this is full of references to other versions of Batman.

I watched this after Batman: Return of Caped Crusaders. This gets 60's Batman spirit better than movie which tried to recreate it. Return of Caped Crusaders needed to underline they knew how stupid the movie was. This trust audience understand how stupid this is without underlining it. Well at least adults in audience will understand. Lego Batman's movie is much more insane than 60's Batman's but the spirit is there.

For adults this offers lot of references to other versions of Batman and almost constant delivery of jokes. Action scenes doesn't work that well since there are not as much jokes. When movies slows down during action scenes it delivers something funny. I probably won't watch this again but it was enjoyable enough to watch it once.

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