Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Deadpool - movies with warm and uplifting message

I watched first Deadpool again and realized how Deadpool movies have good relatable messages. Something most superhero movies doesn't have. In first movie it is you can find love even if you are ugly. In second it is you can change and people are not is beyond saving. In first one boy meets girl. Boy gets cancer. Boy get cured but loses his good looks but that doesn't stop girl from loving him. In second boy loses girl and his will to live. He finds reason to live by trying to save abused boy. There are lot of reasons why movies are rated-R but at the core this is what the stories and messages are.

I started to think can I do the same for other superhero movies. Most other movies have message we can stop guy who want to destroy world / turn world into his/her world if we work together. Some times it is hero can stop and rest is the same. You can find this "message" from Man of Steel, first two Avengers movies, Justice League, Suicide Squad, Thor: Dark World, both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Wonder Woman, X-Men: Apocalypse and so on. To be honest Guardians of the Galaxy movies had more messages than this but I included them because the story follows so closely other superhero movies.

It was interesting to see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice didn't have villain wanting to destroy the world or turning it into his or her world. Still its main message was we need to work together to destroy the monster. I had Thor: Ragnarök on the list for short while. But I took it away because you can argue Hela didn't want to turn world into her world.

I am not saying working together with other people to achieve something is bad message. It shouldn't be only message superhero movies have. If you take villain wanting to destroy the world you can add Ant-Man and Deadpool movies. But Deadpool movies have other messages too. So does Ant-Man. Doctor Strange doesn't have it but it has villain wanting to turn the world into his world.

This is one reason why I am so tired with superhero movies. Infinity War was good and different. Latter might be because it was first part of the story. Second part could make it the same as other superhero movies. Some of the movie I listed earlier had other messages too but they are so similar in main parts.

It is weird Deadpool movies have warmer and more uplifting messages than other movies which are intended for younger audiences.

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