Monday, May 21, 2018

Serial Experiments Lain (1998)

When I looked anime similar to Psycho Pass I found Ergo Proxy. When I looked anime similar to Ergo Proxy I found Serial Experiments Lain. I went deeper into rabbit hole. I don't want to go any deeper if that is even possible. It is understatement to say Serial Experiments Lain is weird. However it still doesn't lose its focus.

Serial Experiments Lain starts as story of lonely school girl's internet addiction. She isn't that much into computers until others in her school get email from dead girl. She wants to know if she too got email. First she start to build bigger computer but then everything goes deeper and deeper in every way.

It is not completely clear what actually happened by the end. Surreal stories need ending which gives satisfactory explanation what happened. Serial Experiments Lain almost has that except I think it has plot holes. I am not sure if everything was meant to make any sense at all. There is story which make sense but everything around it might not.

I watched Nordic dvd release with Japanese audio and Finnish subtitles. Something might have been lost in translation. Still I enjoyed the surreal trip this series is. They say you have to watch it few times to understand everything. Writer understand how computers and internet works on technical level to some extent but not completely. Serial Experiments Lain was ahead its time. It predicted where internet would go and is current still today. It gave nostalgic feel of good old times when internet was more text and hypertext based.

If this sounds interesting you should watch Serial Experiments Lain. If you can't take challenging surreal storytelling it is not for you. Serial Experiments Lain is cult classic. You either get it or don't understand why others like it so much.

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