Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Should I get invested in second season of Westworld

There will be spoilers for first five episodes of second season. I felt I have to write this after I binge watched first four episodes. I decided to watch fifth episode because it was released before this was going to be published. Fifth episode did change my opinion but not completely. Westworld is good series. My problem is I feel like I will be heading towards disappointment if I get really invested in it. One name in credits make me feel this way.

JJ Abrams. I think I have told how I feel about his work on this site few times before. His movies and tv-series keep you engaged when you watch them but leave you disappointed by the end. This is because he like to create interesting mystery without any idea how to solve it. If he knows solution before hand it is something disappointing. He is good telling stories but those stories are not that good or memorable. Usually I forget what happened latest next day.

Westworld is written by other people which might be its salvation. But by how story is told the series might have too much of worst of JJ Abrams. This is most apparent in Bernard story arc and less apparent in Dolores story arc. Bernard story arc happens in future. We see flashback to time when other story arcs happen. We have seen conclusion in his story arc. This should create mystery. We should wonder how everything went to this. So far nothing has made me feel I want to know how this all has happened. It is just stacking many mysteries together in hope of making one big interesting mystery.

Dolores story arc has same kind of problem. She knows what will happen even when we don't. She is walking into conclusion she thinks she knows. This makes her do things which feel really stupid to do at the moment. There was no reason for her to kill confederate solders when she knew she will have big fight waiting for her. She explained her logic in fifth episode but it didn't make much sense in her current situation. I feel Bernard's story arc will be combined into Dolores' arc near the end and those dead hosts aren't that dead after all. These seem to be main story arcs and both seem to set up for disappointment.

I like William's arc so far but there is feeling it is heading to disappointment too. I liked James Delos story on fourth episode. I wanted it go deeper into how James Delos' copy was only a copy of real James Delos. Even when I liked the story I can see concepts introduced in the story could lead into disappointment. We know Williams going to correct his greatest mistake. This could be his copy, Ford's copy or copy of someone he loved like his wife. Ford's copy would be biggest disappointment and series seem to be heading towards it. Unless Ford's consciousness lives in Westworld's networks which also seems to be possibility.

My favorite story arc so far is Maeve's arc. It is most science fiction story arc. It studies concepts like machines acting out of their program and reminding us that hosts are actually programmed machines by having them meet their Japan World versions. This arc has everything I like about Westworld and it is only one not looking to go towards disappointment unless Maeve's new powers change her arc dramatically.

Dolores' arc is only one I haven't enjoyed so far. I have liked Bernard's arc even when it seems to head towards disappointment. William's and Maeve's have provided best moments so far. I know Westworld will give interesting journey but I am not sure how invested I should get. I will watch the season but I try not expect too much from following episodes.

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