Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thor: Ragnarök (2017)

There are two reasons why I didn't like Thor: Ragnarök as much as I should. I saw it first time day after I saw Infinity War. I saw Thor's character arc from this movie onwards which set some expectations for this movie. Planet Hulk is one of my favorite comic book stories. This movie means we don't get proper live action Planet Hulk movie. This movie took Sakaar setting and some story elements from Planet Hulk. If you take what happened in Sakaar here, mix it with Game of Thrones and add lot of space zombies you have some idea what Planet Hulk is. If you don't want to read the comic animated movie is good option. What was in this movie doesn't spoil Planet Hulk. It is much more than what this movie had.

Thor goes Guardians of the Galaxy or is it Marvel Cinematic Universe space? There are lot of jokes and everything is bright and colorful. Some jokes felt forced and there were too many of them. Like Marvel Studios knew what was coming next and wanted to make this fun colorful action movie. Movie doesn't have good villain or villains. In Asgard it is Hela who had much better premise than what we got. I don't know what went wrong. Her backstory was interesting. Cate Blanchett was miscast. She lacked something role needed. She looked cool in photos but something was missing.

Grandmaster was Roman emperor like ruler of Sakaar. He was different kind of Roman emperor than leader of Sakaar in Planet Hulk. I can't stop comparing this to Planet Hulk. This is like watered down 70's disco version of Planet Hulk. Valkyrie was shining light at Sakaar. She wasn't from Planet Hulk which probably was reason I could enjoy her. Loki wasn't in Planet Hulk either but we have seen him and Thor so many times before. There wasn't much new this time.

End battle had moments but ending was too convenient. Movie was all over the place and then they brought coolest or should I say hottest plot device to save heroes and heroes got go straight to beginning of Infinity War.

My enjoyment was affected by expectations of darker movie. Even the name hinted darker movie. This is fun colorful action movie. It uses too much comedy tropes. Some of those are hilarious. Most not. I probably like this more next time when I know what kind of movie this is. Same happened with Blade Runner 2049. I can see this is not bad movie even with it flaws. I had wrong expectations when I saw it first time. I assumed in Infinity War review you should see this before Infinity War. I was right. Not only because Infinity War starts where this ends.

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