Monday, November 5, 2018

Life (2017)

It took me second try to watch Life (2017). It is one of those science fiction horror movies which doesn't have much to offer. Most people have probably already forgotten it. I saw what it was during first fifteen minutes when I tried to watch it first time. I forced myself to watch it this time. It has good actors but they are not given much. Now I have seen it and can tell why it may not be worth of your time.

Life is story of space station crew who study martian life form. Life form reanimates and start to kill the crew. That is pretty much the movie. Sounds lot like Alien. Alien had good characters and story arcs besides alien killing crew. This doesn't have either. There is no drama. No tension between characters. Character doesn't have different view points. Nothing. It is just alien killing the crew and crew trying to survive.

Worst thing is movie tries to be hard science fiction but it forgets how scientists would work in this kind of situation and basics of living in space. No crew member would open quarantine door when alien life form has escaped. There wouldn't be flamethrowers eating oxygen. Space is cold. There is no need for water based cooling system in spacesuits. These mistakes or what you want to call them took me of the movie.

This might work if you are science fiction horror fan. There were couple good scares. Addition to those there were few cool looking scenes with good camera work. But there wasn't much more to offer. You can safely skip this movie unless you really need to see horror movie where alien kills people in space station. Even in that case there are better options.

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