Monday, November 26, 2018

The Night Comes for Us (2018)

The Night Comes for Us is freaking awesome if you are in for violent Asian action movie. Not so much if you don't like that sort of stuff. It has about one hour and twenty minutes of action in two hour running time. There is big quality difference between drama parts and action parts. I almost gave up on movie before action really started.

Drama parts' problem is there isn't enough soundtrack to cover whole movie. Movie looks good but it doesn't work when there is no sound. Sometimes silence can be effective. But it is not if used as extensively as in this movie. Some say sounds make more than half of the movie. If you want proof watch The Night Comes for Us. You just feel something is missing and then realize there is no sound.

Story starts when Triad's killer can't kill a little girl. It goes pretty much where you expect it to go. It has interesting characters when they start to fight.  They are not as interesting before the fighting starts. Drama is there to make us feel for the characters and set the tone. Action scenes are where the movie shines. It is not one guy doing action scenes. There are several characters getting long action scenes. All the action is in two forty minutes almost non stop action sequences. It makes contrast between action and drama more obvious.

The Night Comes for Us don't get to level of really good movie. There are two reasons why. First is problem with soundtrack. Second is the last fight scene. Action scenes are master class in action scene story telling. You stay engaged for forty minutes of almost non stop action because action scenes tell the story. But last fight scene is not on level of previous action scenes. It drops story telling almost completely. Action scene before it was movie's best one. It made last look worse.

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