Thursday, April 25, 2019

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

This is spoiler free review. I will publish spoiler review next week.

I am not sure should I be happy that Endgame worked as well as it did or be disappointed that last hour didn't work as well as two before it. There hasn't been cinematic universe like Marvel Cinematic Universe before. Endgame closes big chapter of it. To underline this movie doesn't have end credit scene. Marvel hasn't announced any new MCU movie. Sony has announce next Spider-Man movie. We know there will be next Guardians of the Galaxy because of what happened to James Gunn. But other than that Marvel Studios' have made sense of end. These movies have made so well in box office that there will be future movies but they haven't announced road map like they had until this movie.

Marvel Studios can and have balls to make the movies which are not what we expected them to be. Endgame works best when it does it. It is worst when it is what we expect chapter ending movie of big franchise to be. CGI battle at the end and fan service go too far. Most of the fan service happens during last hour. They even redo my favorite scene from Infinity War with different characters. It has impact and made sense for the story but it has way less impact than when we saw the same thing in Infinity War.

Endgame has tons of fan service. Some of works really well like Tony and Steve joking about Steve's ass (memes and fan fiction shows them often as lovers). Some feel like they wanted to check as many boxes as possible. This happens in scenes where main characters visit sites and characters of other movies. Or when other female characters join Captain Marvel in middle of last battle. It felt like they wanted to show they have strong female characters like we don't know they are there. And then there are would it be nice if x did y moments which rarely work on any movie.

If Endgame was cut to two or two and half hours cutting the part where last battle become confusing mess and fan service for sake of fan service this would have been on level of Infinity War. I really liked first two hours. Then there happens something which makes very little sense but it needed to happen for us to have ending we had. Before that there were many great moments like how Thor and Hulk dealt with what happened in Infinity War.

If you like MCU movies you will enjoy Endgame. It is not huge drop from Infinity War but it still is a drop. There is first openly gay character which can be easily cut from Chinese cut but it is still there for rest of us.

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