Monday, April 22, 2019

Black Panther (2018)

It is hard to write spoiler free reviews of Marvel Studios'  movies. They haven't released bad movie yet. Most of them are not really good. Just good enough to be entertaining. Each movie is different but there is feeling of being Marvel Studios' movie. Black Panther was movie event of 2018 for having mostly black cast and if I am not wrong that was also the case behind the camera too. It showed fictional African country with future technology. It did well in box office to show diversity doesn't hurt movies.

Spoilers from this point onward. Reviews and analyses said it had philosophical battle between T'Challa and Killmonger. I didn't expect high minded debate but I was surprised how Killmonger was presented as crazy terrorist guy. There was philosophical debate between hiding from the world and helping rest of the world. But that debate was between T'Challa and Nakia. Nakia wanted to help rest of the world when T'Challa wanted Wakanda to hide. T'Challa saw merit in Nakia's way of seeing things only after he learned what happened to Killmonger and what it made Killmonger to be. Killmonger wanted revenge and world war.

Killmonger's position was to use Wakanda's superior firepower. And did they debate about these positions? No. They did what winning side wanted to do. Which kind of was Killmonger's point of view. Being strongest and forcing others to do what strongest wants. They even decide ruler of Wakanda with fight to the death. If movie has message it is it is probably not a good idea to decide ruler by fighting to death. But they couldn't have that message in superhero movie because in superhero movies winner is right. Might makes it right. One with better arguments tend to be stronger in movies.

To be honest most Wakandans didn't see this as good idea when T'Challa was challenged first time but this is how the nation works. It is weird how things are solved by fighting in such a technically advanced nation.

I remember Killmonger to be praised as better Marvel Cinematic Universe villains. I didn't see him that way. Praises probably come from his death scene. Before that he did everything to look like villain. Good villains believe in their cause and try to sell their view. Killmonger believed his cause but didn't try to sell it to anyone. His plan was to become king and use his position to start war against rest of the world. He didn't try to get others on his side.

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