Monday, April 29, 2019

The Expanse - season 3 (2018)

I never reviewed second season of The Expanse. I watched it and meant to write about it but then forgot to do it. First half was good. Second half was disappointing because new plot without protomolecule started and everything was less exciting than in first half. It is less exciting when season finale is two fights inside two ships than potential destruction of Earth. Third season begins where second left off. There is bigger change after mid-season finale than it was between two season.

Third season brings The Expanse to be best science fiction series at the moment. It is what first and first half of second season were. Season is divided into two halves but second stay interesting too because it didn't turn up to be build up for next season. First half benefits for later half of second season which was build up for it.

Most unbelievable aspect in series is how James Holden happens to be in correct place and how correct people happen to be where they need to be. Everything else tries to be as scientific as possible. Except distance and time it takes to travel that distance. But it would make quite boring tv to have characters travel most of the time. After third season even protomolecule feels believable. After second season it felt magical story telling device. In third it was explained better and made more sense.

Book series The Expanse is based on is currently eight books long. Next one should be last one. So far one book has been one season. I started to wonder should I check the books because this is interesting story and science fiction series' doesn't have too good track records lasting over five seasons. Syfy already cancelled this after three seasons. Reason we get fourth is Amazon picked it up. Is Amazon committed to do remaining six seasons or do they check it season by season?

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