Monday, August 19, 2019

The Boys (2019)

Amazon's The Boys is based on a comic by a guy who really hates superheroes. I mean he loathe superheroes. You understand the level of dislike when you read the comics. I am currently on fifth volume and so far level of dislike has increased all the time. No-one in right mind would put everything in comic to live action tv-series. To be honest what is in comics goes bit too far at times.

In The Boys' universe superheroes are working for corporation. Corporation takes care of them, markets them and makes money on them in any way they can. Superheroes are like real world movie stars and other celebrities. Their imago is that of superheroes of our comics and movies. But things are different behind the scenes,. Corporation takes care of collateral damage. Superheroes are less perfect than their imago.

The Boys are group wanting to take down superheros or supes as they like to call them. Series has two good people Hughie who joins The Boys and Starlight who joins biggest superhero group The Seven. Others can be called bad guys but even bad guys get some positive traits and good story arcs. This is what makes series so good. Even ones you know you should hate has something you can relate or something that makes you feel for the character.

The Boys is dark. It has graphic violence and vulgar language. But it is also really toned down version of the comic. It is why it seems to work for so many people. It has taken the comic in to peaces. Taken the core concepts. Added few memorable scenes and filled rest with other point of view to subject matter. The comic doesn't show superheroes as this complex characters and series doesn't go as far to deep end as comic does.

There are some major differences between comic and series. Comic has own versions of DC's and Marvel's biggest superheroes when series concentrates on The Boys version of Justice League. In series The Boys are normal people. In comics they have superpower and can fight against superheros. This is probably biggest change between the two. Or the biggest is not having The Legend in series. He was probably excluded because he is all about critic of superhero comics and series superhero critique is not as limited to comics as in the comic. Characters are bit different. I liked more of comic's version of The Female. In comics she has need to hurt people. In series she has name and she is confused. Starlight of the series is better than comic version.

I binged the series first. Wanted more of The Boys and checked first volume of the comics. Now I am binging comics. Both have their strengths. I recommend watching the series first because it is more suitable for general audience. If you want more then you should check first volume or first few issues of the comic. But be warned the comic doesn't hold any punches. It has good writing but it goes to extremes at times.

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